SAP Gateway – OData implementation

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A little roadmap to create an OData service in SAP. ODATA Examples for understanding: If the version of the Netwearver is greater than 7.3, the component is already installed: When the version is less than 7.4, you need to install these two components: GW_CORE IW_FND Transactions separated by Front End and Back […]

Simple first ABAP OO program

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Simple first program of ABAP OO, using a selection in the database. Posting to keep in mind the keywords of a ABAP OO for who does not have any experience with OO. I recommend this course:     REPORT  z_teste01. *———————————————————————-* *       CLASS flight DEFINITION *———————————————————————-* * Definition, where are the data and the methods definitions *———————————————————————-* CLASS flight DEFINITION. PUBLIC SECTION. DATA: it_flight TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF sflight. DATA: wa_flight TYPE sflight. METHODS: get_flight IMPORTING fldate TYPE sflight–fldate connid TYPE sflight–connid. ENDCLASS.                    “flight DEFINITION *———————————————————————-* *       CLASS fligh IMPLEMENTATION *———————————————————————-* * Where are the execution of the methods […]

Error in Update Statistics – SQL error -20003 at location stats_tab_collect

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Hello, I just want to share a solution for the error SQL error -20003 at location stats_tab_collect. The issue occurs on DB13 update statistics. It began occur after a BW system refresh done through Oracle database backup from PRD. Symptom BR0301E SQL error -20003 at location stats_tab_collect-78, SQL statement BR0886E Collecting statistics failed for table […]

Update Statistics Error on DB13 – SQL error -20000 at location stats_ind_collect-3

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Hello all, I want to share a simple solution for the issue below, when scheduled “Update Statistics” on DB13: Error details log: BR0301E SQL error -20000 at location stats_ind_collect-3, SQL statement: ‘BEGIN DBMS_STATS.GATHER_INDEX_STATS (OWNNAME => ‘”SAPSR3″‘, INDNAME => ‘”/ABC/INDEXNAME~010″‘, ESTIMATE_PERCENT => 3, DEGREE => NULL, NO_INVALIDATE => FALSE); END;’ ORA-20000: index “SAPSR3”.”/ABC/INDEXNAME~010″  or partition of […]