Z abap report for Basis daily check

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I want to share a Z Report that maybe could help some Basis Administrators who need to make a daily checklist on the system. First of all, I know there is specific SAP ways to do that, like SSAA, CCMS, Solution Manager, and so on.

But in our case, and maybe other Basis analysts cases, we don´t have a Solution Manager configurated in all customers, and we need to check every landscape status through a checklist, opening some transactions one by one. that takes some time, time that can be usefull in something else.

So, basically, this report prints some of the principle Basis transactions (sm66, sm51, sm37, tablespaces status, st22, dbachecks) in only one page.

In my case, at least, saving some time everyday.

This Report is only usefull with Oracle Databases.

You can download the Report here: Z_CHECKLIST.txt





Richard W. L. Brehmer




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