SAP WEB IDE Local and Deploy on Premise

I believe that, with the “afraid” of some data been on the Cloud, some companies will still keep everything local. So I will show how to set the SAP WEB IDE local, and deploy an app on premise.

Setting up the local SAP WEB IDE

Pre-reqs: at least java version 1.7

java -version


Extract the zipped files to C:\SAPWebIDE.

Now, you need to start it. Execute the file orion.exe, and then access the link http://localhost:8080/webide/index.html

Create a username and password in the first login.

Connect to Remote System

Create a file with the <SID> name, without extension, in this directory:


Content of the file:

Description=<mysystem> description
URL=https://<host>\:<port> #same port of launchpad
sap-client=<SAP client number for ABAP systems only. Delete this line if you are not using an ABAP system.>

Create and Deploy a App

Start the Local SAP WEB IDE, executing the C:\SAPWebIDE\eclipse\orion.exe file.

login http://localhost:8080/webide/index.html.

Create the project:

Give a name, and finish.

Just put a simple hello world in the view:

Ok, before deploy it, I had to change the path of “resources/sap-ui-core.js”, or you may have this error:

index.html?sap-client=100:21 Uncaught ReferenceError: sap is not definedat index.html?sap-client=100:21

So, it was changed to this:

To Deploy, select the project and go to:

Give a name and select a Package:

Select or create a Request

And confirm.

To test the app, open the SAP system, and go to tcode SICF:

Search the Service you have created.

Left click, and test service:


SAP WEB IDE Local and Deploy on Premise
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