Error in Update Statistics – SQL error -20003 at location stats_tab_collect

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I just want to share a solution for the error SQL error -20003 at location stats_tab_collect. The issue occurs on DB13 update statistics.
It began occur after a BW system refresh done through Oracle database backup from PRD.




BR0301E SQL error -20003 at location stats_tab_collect-78, SQL statement
BR0886E Collecting statistics failed for table SAPSR3./BIC/B0000100000
I tried to find something on SAP Support, but no lucky.

Then, I found the solution below in Oracle Support Doc ID 1180514.1:


Problems with validity of the dictionary objects upon which DBMS_STATS package depends.


Log on as ora<SID> user on the OS, and then recreate DBMS_STATS package by running the following scripts with SQLPLUS:




Richard W. L. Brehmer

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