Simple first ABAP OO program

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Simple first program of ABAP OO, using a selection in the database. Posting to keep in mind the keywords of a ABAP OO for who does not have any experience with OO. I recommend this course:     REPORT  z_teste01. *———————————————————————-* *       CLASS flight DEFINITION *———————————————————————-* * Definition, where are the data and the methods definitions *———————————————————————-* CLASS flight DEFINITION. PUBLIC SECTION. DATA: it_flight TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF sflight. DATA: wa_flight TYPE sflight. METHODS: get_flight IMPORTING fldate TYPE sflight–fldate connid TYPE sflight–connid. ENDCLASS.                    “flight DEFINITION *———————————————————————-* *       CLASS fligh IMPLEMENTATION *———————————————————————-* * Where are the execution of the methods […]

Update Statistics Error on DB13 – SQL error -20000 at location stats_ind_collect-3

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Hello all, I want to share a simple solution for the issue below, when scheduled “Update Statistics” on DB13: Error details log: BR0301E SQL error -20000 at location stats_ind_collect-3, SQL statement: ‘BEGIN DBMS_STATS.GATHER_INDEX_STATS (OWNNAME => ‘”SAPSR3″‘, INDNAME => ‘”/ABC/INDEXNAME~010″‘, ESTIMATE_PERCENT => 3, DEGREE => NULL, NO_INVALIDATE => FALSE); END;’ ORA-20000: index “SAPSR3”.”/ABC/INDEXNAME~010″  or partition of […]


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When we try to update a Support Package, this issue can occur: (requires at least version xxxx of the Support Package Manager) Details: (version is too low) This is because the SPAM and SAINT are not up to date. To check the current SPAM version, you can also go to tcode SPAM, and check the […]