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Sometimes, when you are updating a Support Package in SPAM transaction, and for example, you lost your connection with SAP, then you start SPAM again, and your update does not work anymore. So, in those cases, you must reset the transport queue through SO with the commands below:

Firts, login with user SIDadm.
— to show the buffer queue:
tp showbuffer <SID> pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_<SID>.PFL tag=SPAM

What is in the queue:


— To reset the transport:
tp r3i SAPKB70026 <SID> client=000 pf=/usr/sap/trans/bin/TP_DOMAIN_<SID>.PFL TAG=SPAM

That´s it, now you can try SPAM again.

If it doest not work, you should restart SAP instance.



Richard W. L. Brehmer

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