Date format to oData – Post and Get

Some tips to show quickly, how to format a Date value from, and to oData. In this example we are using a Hana Cloud database table.

The tables has the following field date, called birthday:

When we execute the method GET in JSON format, we receive in this way:

"id": 1,

"name": "Homer",

"last_name": "Simpson",

"gender": null,

"birthday": "/Date(-147398400000)/",

"salary": "1500"

the value “birthday” is the date in milliseconds since Unix Epoch.

So, if you try to read, or to execute a POST method it won’t work appropriately.

To solve this in XML view, you can use an Input field like below. No special need in the controller to get the data.

<Input id="birthday" value="{path: modelExample>birthday',
type: 'sap.ui.model.type.Date',
formatOptions: {
pattern: 'dd/MM/yyyy',


}" />

To solve this format problem when you are trying to POST the value, you can use the example below in the javascript function called:

var birthday = new Date(this.getView().byId("birthday").getValue()); // Format value in XML view //valueFormat="yyyy/MM/dd"

newEntry.birthday = birthday;
Date format to oData – Post and Get
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